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Get Feedback, Spark Engagement

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Use net promoter for pulse measurement or open ended for discovery

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You can add emails to Waggl, Share a link, or embed the question widget on a webpage

People answer anonymously ensuring feedback is authentic

Unlike a survey, they can answer as many times as they like, the more input the better

People vote on the answers they like best to help understand the groups preferences and sentiment

Comparing pairs of answers is an easy and effective way to rank a large dataset

Everyone sees the results in real-time

Real-time transparency of the results promotes learning, engagement, and deepens the connection to the organization.

Leadership and HR gets a visual heat map for your organization

By sourcing demographic tags for your employees, their feedback can be translated into visual maps specific to your organization which makes the insights easy to act on.

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Waggl Works for All of Your Important Initiatives

Employee Engagement

Your employees want to give feedback more than once a year.

Waggl offers companies like Sanofi a real-time and transparent feedback cycle that helps them keep pace with the speed of business. Read more Try it now!
Change Management

Companies need more frequent feedback and alignment during turbulent times.

Waggl offers companies like GlassDoor the ability to rapidly communicate and stay connected with their employees through times of extreme growth and change. Read more Try it now!
Culture Building

Culture doesn’t come from the board room. Have an open dialog about what it’s really like to work at your organization.

Waggl helps global companies like Insights shape and refine their culture by creating a transparent and energizing dialog among their employees. Read more Try it now!
Event Feedback

Stay on the pulse of what your audience thinks. Cultivate engagement before, during, and after your events.

Waggl helps organizations like the Stanford Graduate School of Business transform their quarterly Town Hall meetings into an inclusive and an engaging process. Read more Try it now!

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It's like SurveyMonkey, but faster and a much better platform for connecting and engaging with employees.

Robert Hohman, CEO

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