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Get Feedback, Spark Engagement

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Use waggl to send a question to your targeted group.

Step 2

Collect Answers

The group answers anonymously

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Vote on the Best Answers

The group votes through pairs of answers

Step 4

Gather Insights

A real-time leaderboard and sharable infographic is created

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Waggl Works for All Parts of Your Organization

Employee Engagement
Use Waggl to give your people a voice by asking,
"What is one positive change that you have noticed since our recent engagement survey?" Read more Ask Your Own Question
Service Excellence
Learn from your frontline employees by asking,
"Drawing from your experience, please share the single best thing we can do to build a lasting connection with our customers?" Read more Ask Your Own Question
Sales Effectiveness
Stay connected to changes in your team’s selling environment by asking,
"What's the best way to position our new product with Physicians?" Read more Ask Your Own Question
Store Operations
Source ideas to fine tune your operations by asking,
"What is one thing that is going well in your store to drive sales?" Read more Ask Your Own Question
Customer Insight
Stay on the pulse of what your customers think about you by asking,
"What is the single best piece of feedback you have heard related to our new product or service offering?" Read more Ask Your Own Question

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250 people per question

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500 people per question

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It's like SurveyMonkey, but faster and a much better platform for connecting and engaging with employees.

Robert Hohman, CEO

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"What is the one thing you have seen organizations do really well to create strong engagement with their employees or members?"

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